Business Opportunities


There is a growing need to address the demand of community-based health care programs who serve vulnerable populations. Implementing innovative stratagies to stretch scarce  Government granted resorces to reach more eligible patients and improve their quality of life.

Health care reform is transitioning from a capitated and/or  grant funded model into a mixed-revenue pay-for-performance,quality and value model that will demand and elevate patient-centered Health care that relies on population health management outcomes. Economic pressures and business opportunities exist that will drive the development of sustainable nontraditional patient revenue.

Bienestar Health Group is uniquely positioned and viewed as a desirable partner for Organizations that need solutions to meet the ever-changing needs in the health care world.


Bienestar Health Group offers unique key strategies to assist Organizations to advance in the dynamic health care industry. Our strategies are integrated to  align with out Clients Mission,Values and Goals. We create access to innovative opportunities by engaging partners to build a comprehensive network of services and linkages, research and policy.

it is time to

Connect with larger healthcare insitutions to redirect primary care from large institutions to community-based health centers that need low-cost community  primary care centers that need low-cost community primary care services and medications to support the immediate needs of undeserved populations.

Expand the Primary Care framework to link patients in need of better health care services including behavioral health care ,primary care clinic with ancillary services, including pharmacy, dental, and wellness care.

Build financial stratagy with a broader payer-mix beyond grant-driven funding.

Leverage all ends of technology to maximize patient-experience outcomes and wellness.