Bienestar Health Group offers a variety of services to health care organizations. We are a practice management services and revenue cycle services provider with an integrated system built to suit your evolving needs. Let us help you increase efficiency and reduce your costs today!

As an Agency Bienestar Health Group specializes in a variety of services meant to assure our Clients success. 

Consulting Services

– 340B Program Implementation

– 340B Contract Pharmacy Services

– 340B Program Audit’s

– FQHC conversion

– Grant Writing

– Credentialing

– Medical Group Management

Enabling Services

– Implementation of Centralized call center

– Implementation of Care

Coordination/Case Management

– Quality Management


Practice Transformation

– HIE Management

– Practice Assessments

– Implementation of new Medical Services

– Risk Management Mitigation

Practice Transformation

– The most comprehensive EHR on the market

– Voice integrated A.I. assistant for charting and commands

– Implementation of new Medical Services

– Risk Management Mitigation

Community impact model

The Community Impact Model ™ is a community based on health through the Business Transformation Model. Using the development of strategies within a health-based community system, our Community Impact Model (CIM) works to transform your business model into a model that seeks to thrive on highly competitive health with a delivery system, while maintaining your core organizational values.

We focus on three key elements

Principles and characteristics: Strategic review of the mission statement that defines the fundamental principles of an entity, the values and characteristics that make up the value proposition of the agency or client.

Basic operational functions: Review of the agency’s central corporate revenue centers. Find the relationship between these core businesses and promote integration to define principles and address their strengths and weaknesses.

Corporate support structure: Assess the agency’s ability to sustain substantial transformation by ensuring that roles, policies and procedures are of quality.

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